i set up these polls and no one uses them please use them it helps me know what i should do i took down some because no one took them but i think i have on simple one up please take it and help me out. - dawson christy 

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    hey guys if you would like to help me on Sebley then email me i would love the help with upgrades!
    Hi did you get this message if so your in the right place:To a unknown youtuber Hello I speak for a website called Sebley (if you would like to see it before hand it is at sebley.weebly.com) I was browsing videos as I do and found you I watched a video of yours and noticed it was very unviewed so I would like to help. You see Sebley is a free promoting website where we try to help youtubers get big. so let us help you it's free so what do you have to lose? If you would like us to do this then copy and paste this on my homepage or leave me a message -----> I would like you to promote me and give you the right to talk about me in the blog or other pages on Sebley. If you say that you will get on Sebley! Thanks- DawsonChristyChannel READ OVER THIS: BY POSTING THE COPY PASTE SECTION YOU ARE SAYING THAT SEBLEY CAN POST YOUR YOUTUBE USERNAME ON ITS PROMOTE PAGE ALONG WITH ON ANY OTHER PAGE OF SEBLEY DO NOT THINK THAT THIS MEANS OTHER WEBSITES SUCH AS TWITTER OR FACEBOOK THIS ONLY INCLUDES PAGES ON SEBLEY ALSO NOTE THAT THIS PAGE DOES NOT EARN ANY MONEY SO NO MONEY WILL BE MADE OFF YOU ALSO NO MONEY WILL BE ASKED TO BE EVER GIVEN FROM YOU IT IS ALL FREE. IF YOU POST ON SEBLEY PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO BE PROMOTED OR PROMOTE YOURSELF LEAVE IT TO US. DO NOT SPAM US OR YOUR EMAIL WILL BE BANNED FROM SEBLEY AND ARE TWITTER FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE PAGES. WE DON'T WANT ANY BAD COMMENTS ABOUT THE PEOPLE WE PROMOTE COMMENTS OF THIS KIND WILL BE TAKEN OFF. WE ASK THAT YOU DO NOT HACK US ALL WE WANT TO DO IS HELP. DO NOT JUDGE ARE SERVICE ON MY VIEW COUNT I AM ONLY A PERSON TO ASK YOU IF YOU WANT VIEWS NOT TO GIVE ME VIEWS.IF IN THE FUTURE MONEY IS MADE WE WILL NOT BE GIVING IT OUT TO THE YOUTUBERS IT WILL GO INTO THE WEBSITE AND LAST THIS WEBSITE WAS MADE ON WEEBLY.COM A FREE WEBSITE MAKING SERVICE VISIT THEM AND MAKE A FREE WEBSITE.